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Tameside Housing Advice's aim is to prevent you becoming homeless

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  Tameside Housing Advice

Tameside Housing Advice can give you help and advice on all aspects of housing, and help you to resolve your housing problems. On this website you will find help and advice on a wide range of issues, including:
  • Information about private and social housing
  • Advice about what to do if you are worried you might lose your home
  • Information about homelessness law
  • Debt advice about debts that may put your home at risk or may stop you being able to find a new home
  • Information about support available to you if you are struggling to live independently
  • ***coming soon*** Advice on finding work
There are many reasons that people can get into housing difficulty. Facing homelessness is stressful and you will need to know the options available to help solve your housing problem. In many cases by taking the right action early enough, your homelessness can be avoided altogether.

If you are in housing difficulty, the most important thing is to get advice as soon as possible. If you think you are, or may be about to become homeless, contact Tameside Housing Advice on 0161 331 2700.


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